In a time where a lot of us are now home, there’s simultaneously a need for workout inspiration. Fortunately, the large amount of follow-along workout videos is helping to foster our fitness regimes and get creative with our routines.

I love the concept and practicality of follow-along videos, so I’ve compiled a list of my top 30 favourite follow-along workout videos. I’ve either tried them or looking forward to trying! Grab a water water bottle, because you’ll surely find a workout here you’ll want to follow!

1. Sydney Cummings: 30 minute butt & thighs burnout with mini band

  • For an intense glutes-focused workout using a resistance band. I didn’t expect to be sweating by the end of this! My favourite booty workout right now.

2. Sydney Cummings: Upper body Dumbbell Supersets

  • Have a set of weights (or milk cartons) ready to work your entire upper body. You’ll work your biceps, triceps, chest, back and shoulders.

3. Tone It Up: Movie night, total body workout

  • A bodyweight workout that is fun and tough at the same time. In addition, there’s no standing involved so you can comfortably watch TV while exercising!

4. Blogilates: Total body stretch

  • Calm things down with a revitalising stretch to improve flexibility. Do this anytime, whether it is to help you wake up in the morning, or after a workout to promote increases in flexibility.

5. Blogilates: Stretches you need after a stressful day

  • Wind down with this relaxing follow-along stretch to reduce stress. A slower-paced and gentle stretching routine. Moreover, I’ve been doing this in the evening or before bed as it is nice and calming!

6. Harbour Dance Centre: Free online class series – Hip Hop w/ Chris Harbour

  • This is a proper dance tutorial to Justin Bieber’s ‘Intentions’ from Harbour Dance Centre in Vancouver. For the intermediate/advanced dancer.

7. Popsugar Fitness: 30-minute hip-hop tabata to torch calories

  • For anyone wanting to try hip-hop and get your sweat on at the same time, follow this dance workout by Keaira LaShae! I love the Popsugar instructors and the range of workout videos available.

8. Popsugar Fitness: 30-minute low impact dance grooves workout

  • If you prefer a lower impact version of a dance workout, try this Popsugar Fitness grooves workout.

9. Popsugar Fitness: 30-minute no-equipment cardio & HIIT workout

  • And my final favourite from Popsugar is this high intensity workout from Le Sweat founder Charlie Atkins. Bring a towel along for this one!

10. Tom Merrick: 12-minute hip mobility routine

  • Sitting a lot can contribute to tight hips, so Tom’s mobility routine will give your hips a much needed break from the desk chair and it simply feels good.

11. Whitney Simmons: 18-minute ab & HIIT workout

  • As well as a range of fitness related content and vlogs, Whitney has recently been uploading some follow-along intense workout videos. This workout has relativity easy moves to understand while you’ll be feeling your heart-beating and feeling the burn.

12. MadFit: Doja Cat – Say So – full body workout routine

  • Maddie has been a dancer most of her life with a love of fitness. Try this super short and fun fitness workout to the song Say So by Doja Cat. She has more workouts like this on her YouTube channel.

13. MadFit: Low impact full body HIIT workout

  • An apartment-friendly workout involving no equipment and no jumping. As a result, you won’t bother your neighbours while you workout.

14. 1MILLION Dance Studio: Isabelle dance choreography

  • The popular South Korean dance studio has brought out some dance tutorials for you to learn hip-hop and urban choreography. This 2 hour tutorial is for the advanced dancer looking to learn and sweat at the same time!

15. Well + Good: At-home core & glute workout

  • This 10 minute workout dives right into a heart-pumping session using only a set of dumbbells to get the most out of a short workout.

16. Juice & Tonya: 20-minute full body home workout (bodyweight only)

  • Juice & Tonya show a practical full body home workout while the gyms are closed. Tonya does the modified exercises for a lower-impact option, making it great for all levels.

17. Mike Peele: 30min Hip-Hop fit dance workout round 3 + ab workout

  • A hip-hop and abs workout with no generic music in the background, but rather some good hip-hop music! The instructor Mike has great energy and you’ll want to give it 100%.

18. NateBowerFitness: 30-minute backyard boxing workout

  • No equipment workout from boxing coach Nate Bower. You’ll pick up some boxing skills and get your heart rate up, and it’s not hard to follow.

19. Puzzle Fit: 45 minute intense cardio workout

  • An at-home workout with easy but effective cardio moves to increase cardiovascular fitness. Additionally, the final circuit incorporates ab exercises.

20. MrandMrsMuscle: Beginner upper body workout – arms, back and chest

  • No equipment upper body workout for beginners. The exercises are low impact and an easy follow-along workout while targeting the upper body muscle groups.

21. MrandMrsMuscle: Toned legs & round glutes – 15min HIIT

  • Try this lower body workout which includes a warm-up and features modified exercises for a low impact option. As a result, their workouts are great for all levels.

22. The Run Experience: 30-minute follow along workout | Intervals to boost your speed

  • If you like runnings (or want to become better at it), try following this interval running workout you can start from your front door. Although it’s a video, the audio will give you cues and what to do and when to recover as you run.

23. Gideon Akande: Raining Sweat

  • Gideon has been posting no-equipment bodyweight workouts since quarantine started. His energy will motivate you to give this sweaty 35-minute session your best effort.

24. Get Healthy U: 50-minute pyramid workout with dumbbells

  • If you’re at home with a set of dumbbells, try this 50-minute intermediate workout for the whole body. In addition, the motivation and guidance on technique will help you out.

25. Sarah’s Day: Core & abs pilates home workout

  • Engage your core in this 20-minute follow-along workout by fellow Aussie gal Sarah’s Day with her pilates instructor Simone.

26. Sarah’s Day: 15min thigh & cardio at home pilates

  • I had to share her second follow-along video because this was a workout and a half in only 15 minutes! The added plyometric moves will get your heart pumping while working the quads.

27. LenaLifts: At-home booty + ab workout

  • I love Lena’s youtube channel and think she is so funny. As a result, I was happy when she released this booty and ab workout video. Furthermore, no equipment is required.

28. That Disney Girl: 20 minute full body Disney HIIT HOP workout

  • Fun dance and workout moves to good Disney songs. Therefore, definitely a workout you’ll enjoy and benefit from at the same time.

29. Nicole Kastoun: 1 hour full body pilates intermediate class

  • If you’re missing your normal classes and want a full length pilates workout, I recommend this video. Nicole explains the moves well and I honestly just feel like i’m in my usual 1hr pilates class.

30. Lululemon: 45 minute everyday vinyasa flow yoga class

  • Finally, anyone can try this flow yoga class and if you’re anything like me, you’ll feel rejuvenated afterward. there is a 20min and 75min version of this video which can be done too.

In conclusion, I hope even just one of these videos sparks inspiration to workout, or gives you new exercise ideas you can add to your next workout.

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