Fitness products can range from gym equipment to step trackers. There are definitely benefits in some products to help motivate individuals to workout and monitor their progress.

I’ve had my fair share of wanting the latest technology. And buying a few too many 8-week fitness ebooks, where it’s promised you’ll get the body of your dreams.

Nowadays, all I need is healthy groceries, a gym membership, and some friends that want to go for a morning walk here and there. I’ve found this to be a much more sustainable lifestyle, where i’m just enjoying my life while simultaneously staying fit.

*Note: This is NOT an affiliate or sponsored post. All links are for your convenience. All opinions are my own (with some supporting references).

I don’t think there’s too much wrong with owning and using the following fitness products. However if you ever wanted a second opinion from a friend about whether or not to purchase these, here’s my friendly opinion!

4 Fitness Products You Probably Don’t Need

1. Fitness Watch

Fitness watches definitely were the biggest trend at some point. They started popping up everywhere and continue to be successfully sold.

The watch itself and it’s multiple of capabilities from running routes to calorie expenditure, heart rate and step count (features vary with brand and watch) is an amazing idea and extremely convenient.

My brother even bought one, though it was short lived because he doesn’t wear watches in general.

If you’re going to use the watch to track progress and let it help you achieve your goals, then I think it’s fantastic!

The downside is seeing my friends and coworkers constantly texting people from their watches when they should be socialising (or working!). I have first-hand experienced co-workers using their watches more for calls and texts, and for the rare heart rate check and let everyone know the number. As if we weren’t inundated with social media and technology enough.

Most importantly for myself, though, i’ve been interested in the radiation of these bluetooth devices. I recommend you do your own research on your particular watch and potential side affects. A found this succinct article from the EMF Academy blog that boasts some interesting facts about some fitness watches.

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2. Food scale

Having a scale to weight food is actually a great idea in some circumstances. For example, bodybuilders training for a competition, or not going 3x over the serving size of cereal (40g is not a large portion – i used to pour about 120g to even fill me up). The scale is a good way to learn about the weights of food so that in future you have some idea of how much you may be really eating.

The problem is when the everyday individual lets the food scale consume them. I personally use a food scale to weight protein powder, and even my 5g of probiotic powder. Sometimes we think we’re eating less than we really are also. When I first got into counting macros for a bit, I realised that supposedly a 100g banana guesstimate turned out to be 250g on the scale. That’s just an example, but it holds true for many foods with different densities and weight.

I recommend using a food scale when you really need it, but not depriving yourself if you’re hungry or irritated, and feeling worried by the number on the scale. This is when it is time to loosen your grip on the food scale.

3. Waist trainer

Ah yes, the waist trainer. I’ve seen so much controversy over this arguable fitness product. Even when it became a fad again, I thought “how can this scientifically work, though?”. It’s hard when big celebrities are wearing it and everyone wants to follow suit.

Our bodies are all different and we all have different genetics. Some people may in fact have a naturally smaller waist than others. A corset / waist trainer is only a temporary solution to gaining an unattainable small waist.

We can absolutely workout to grow the size of our muscles or lose body fat, but we cannot change our bone structure. Or we can, but with potential problems. Our rib cage protects our lungs and too many people may struggle with breathing for the sake of a small waist.

It can be easy to get swept away by photos of the ‘perfect’ body. I suggest focusing on the things you DO have and CAN do. Focus on what you CAN change and all the positive aspects of your body.

For further reading, here’s a great article about the dangers and misconceptions about the waist trainer.

4. Extremely lightweight dumbbells

There exists an old saying where people want to look ‘toned’. They want to train to be toned or tone up their muscles. They are also afraid of becoming ‘too bulky’.

The toned look is really losing fat and gaining some muscle, but not too much. To become toned you still need to train in a way that is similar to what you might not want – lifting heavier weights! Strength training has the benefit of aiding both muscle gain and weight loss.

However, lifting tiny dumbbells and other lightweights won’t work your muscles much. These same people are probably lifting heavier weight just by taking the grocery bags from the car to the kitchen! In terms of fitness products dumbbells are fantastic, now it’s about using the right weight for your goals.

There are a lot of factors that can impact on this toned look, including sets, reps, different types of workouts, and diet. But for the purpose of this post, just know that investing in a set of light weights, may not be beneficial if your goal is to become toned.

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