What do you do when you don’t have a gym membership but need the guidance and motivation to get fit? Download a fitness app, of course! There are sooo many free health and fitness apps on the market that can be used to track food, improve cardiovascular health, train the brain, and more.

Health and wellbeing is holistic, so it’s great that there is access to a range of different apps that can target many different facets of health.

Today, i’ll be sharing my top 6 favourite free health and fitness apps that I regularly use!

*NOTE: This is NOT an affiliated post. Links are in place purely for your convenience.

1. Nike Training Club

Besides shoes and apparel, Nike offers the Nike Training Club app, which feels most similar to doing workouts at a gym. Their intense strength and HIIT workouts get the blood pumping. Though, they also embody slower styles like yoga and stretching.

My favourite collections are their intense abs and core workouts. Their athletes and athlete-style workouts (imo anyway!) will leave you feeling sweaty and strong! After their workouts I feel like a Girl Boss that can achieve anything!

6 Free Health and Fitness Apps You Can Use at Home - Fit by Kat
Photo by Mister Mister

2. Tone It Up

If you’re after a female empowered community, the Tone It Up app is for you! Although the app does cost money for full access, right now it’s free for 1 month (due to COVID-19). If you’re staying indoors, this is the perfect app to download now and get access to all the features. It’s exactly what i’ve done and i’m loving it already!

Karena and Katrina are best buds with a community of strong women behind them. Their workouts are fun and you’ll feel a burn! When you can’t get access to their programs on the app, you can still follow a huge amount of individual videos on their YouTube.

3. Apple Health

Apple Health is a default app on all iphones, and covers a range of different health features. Although it may not be as in-depth or specific as other apps, you’re bound to find at least 1 useful element on it. For me, it’s the inbuilt pedometer. If you’re cooped up indoors all day, you can still track your steps and aim for extra movements to reach the recommended 10,000 daily steps. In my last job it was a real eye-opener as to how many steps I was taking on the daily (over 10,000 in 1 shift). However, it also boasts an array of other health categories, such as cycle tracking, body measurements, mindfulness, and sleep.

4. Sun Smart

An element that is vital for health and sometimes overlooked, is the power of the sun! The sun can be a great source of vitamin D, but too much of it can also cause sun damage. That natural tan is already unfortunately a sign of sun damage (hello to your new best friend fake spray tan!).

The Sun Smart app has basic features but contains the information we need to know daily! Most importantly I check-in with the homepage throughout the day. It will show you what the current UV level is in your region (compatible in Australia only). It also suggests between what times you should use sun protection. In Australia our O-Zone layer is thin, meaning the sun is incredibly harsh. So knowing the UV ranking and what it means for covering up is essential! For example, A UV rating of 1 is low and doesn’t require sun protection, 3 requires some protection, for example sunscreen, and 11 requires avoiding being in the sun altogether! In Australia it’s not uncommon to see the UV index shoot up to a whopping 13!

6 Free Health and Fitness Apps You Can Use at Home - Fit by Kat
Photo by Spencer Gurley

5. MindBody

Similar to ClassPass, MindBody gives you access to a range of difference workout classes, from pilates to cycling to strength. It’s easy to buy a pass or casual class. I’ve used it for multiple pilates and yoga studios. The dance studios I attend also use this as their booking system, so it makes it easy to sign in with 1 click. I like the ease of use for the MindBody app and its simple and calming feel to it. It motivates me to try new workouts by showing me all the studios and classes available in my area. It’s one of the free health and fitness apps that lets you purchase and track all the different physical fitness experiences you choose to do in the one place.

6. Calm

Finally, the Calm guided meditation app requires membership to access all the features, but still boasts a large amount of content with the free version. Calm is all about meditating and being in the present moment. It has helped me ease anxious thoughts, relax, breathe, and even fall asleep with their bedtime stories. I used the free version so much until I decided it was worth going Pro. After all, the mental muscle is just as important as the physical muscle. If you have a friend that has the Pro version, ask them to send you a link as a ‘gift’, giving you 30 days of paid features.

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