As another year comes to a close, many of us may be starting to conjure up our new year’s resolutions. However, before this happens, let’s not forget to show ourselves some love with these wellness activities. Things can get a bit hectic in towards the end of the year, such as buying presents for Christmas, hosting dinners, and making New Year’s Eve plans. However, this is no time to forget about ourselves. In fact, it’s the best time to show ourselves a bit of extra care.

No matter what happened throughout the year, good experiences or bad experiences, we can still end our year on a high. I want to share with you some wellness activities I’ll be putting in place to make sure I care for myself and finish 2019 on a super positive note.

As a result, here are 6 wellness activities you should incorporate towards the end of the year.

1. Double (or triple) your amount of self-care activities

You may have a fantastic self-care routine in place, you might be in and out of a routine, or you might have been lacking on self-care activities lately.

No matter your situation, the good news is we can focus on revamping our self-care routine. This may mean buying a few extra face masks, starting to dry brush once a week, taking yourself on a date to the movies, or simply saying a few positive affirmations to yourself throughout the day.

Reminding yourself to exercise some easy extra self-care will help you feel more relaxed and content during the holiday season.

2. Self-reflect through journalling

Journaling is great way to sort your thoughts and clarify them on paper. It declutters your mind and makes room for new thoughts. Your year may have been filled with fantastic opportunities, new friendships, a new job and great memories.

Although, maybe your year was quite standard, or worse, had some misfortunes. Well, it’s time to reflect on these experiences. Regardless of whether you write about a good or bad memory, you should focus on what you have learnt from these experiences, how you have grown, anything you still need to let go of, and how you may use these experiences to your benefit in the new year.

3. Forgive those that have hurt you

Not the easiest wellness activity, I know. Truly forgiving someone or something that has hurt you, can be difficult. Sometimes we just need more time. But it’s a good start to focus on the situation in a calm environment and state of mind, and work through it.

My 3 notable mentions of the year include having a bad situation at work with a manager, having my best friend of 14 years completely cut me out of her life for no apparent reason, and also dealing with an abrupt, rude, messy break-up. As well as these 3 people separately hurting me, I was also frustrated at myself for a long time, such as staying in a relationship even though I felt its expiry date was long ago.

These things take time, effort, thoughts, feelings, and revelations to begin healing. It’s been months and I can’t even say I’m truly over the hurt and pain. But I do believe I am progressing, and I hope you are too.

This is the perfect time to really reflect on those specific experiences and try and get all the hurt and pain out before the new year. This may include journaling, writing a letter, taking a boxing class, or speaking with a psychologist. It’s ok if it doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s a great start to leave some of those memories in 2019 and enter 2020 feeling much lighter.

4. Spend time with family

After we forgive those in the step above, now it’s time to truly invest in the people that matter to you most. The holiday season is a great time to show appreciation for those you care about.

Maybe it’s telling them you love them, maybe it’s giving them an extra warm embrace. It could even include reconnecting with a friend or family member you’ve been out of touch with.

Hopefully you have someone or something in your life that you can connect with and share what you’re grateful for. Try to think deeper than the Christmas presents – write a really meaningful card. Even when you get annoyed at them, remind yourself to think of all the good this person or thing does in your life.

5. Incorporate daily movement

We also can’t forget about our physical wellness activities! I know for a fact I eat and drink more in December, but that doesn’t mean we need to completely self-sabotage our bodies.

I recommend focusing on incorporating some more movement into your daily routine. It doesn’t have to involve a gym or be time consuming. Contrary, it can be as simple as doing some light stretches followed by a foam roll when you wake up in the morning.

Recently, I’ve been following some 10 minute stretching videos from Blogilates on Youtube. As a result, I’ve found myself feeling calmer and happier because I’ve invested just 10 minutes of activity into my day, which has made my body and mind feel good.

6. Set realistic health expectations for the silly season

Finally, it’s the silly season after all. One thing many people tend to do (myself included many times in the past), is create a plan to be totally healthy over Christmas, or make new year’s resolutions that we intend on starting on January 1st.

If you are having big family gatherings, or plan on going out for a big night on New Year’s Eve, then you may want to reconsider your goals and expectations.

In other words, waking up at 2pm with a hangover on January 1st will only lead to disappointment when you had planned to go on a wonderful bushwalk that day then come home and meal prep.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with tweaking your goals or resolutions around this time. It may seem counterintuitive, but you’ll realise that you’ve set yourself up for success in the long term.

Take my own example.

My intention this December is to eat well and train often to nourish and strengthen my body. Around December 23rd, I’ll relax my intentions, so that I can enjoy my time with my family, which may include later nights, an extra plate, and a third drink. This will nourish my soul.

I’m sure most people want to be fit and healthy come the New Year. My resolutions usually entail this. But my plan will include letting week 1 of January be a week of ‘winding down’ from the festivities.

As a result, these are realistic expectations that I’ll definitely be able to follow, and won’t leave me feeling guilty about continuing to make wine slushies on January 2nd!!

Therefore, following my other wellness activities, I’ll be ending my December on a complete high and continuing that onto January.

And that’s it!

I hope you have enjoyed reading into this list of 6 Wellness Activities You Should Add This December. I’m sure there are so many other ways we can foster total wellness this month! These particular aspects will be at the top of my list!

If there’s anything else you’d love to add, comment below!



6 Wellness Activities You should Add This Month - Fit by Kat

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