If you plan on waking up at 6am, here’s 7 easy things to do before 7am. I’m not one to consistently wake up super early every day. However, it definitely has its benefits. If you have a lot to get done on a given day, getting up those few extra hours earlier can make the difference between getting extra tasks done or not. Not to mention, early mornings personally make me feel in charge of the day and motivated to be productive. It fosters that idea of getting hard tasks done early before your mind has a chance to say no (like exercising). However, an early start also doesn’t mean you have to rush into your tasks immediately. If anything, use the extra hour or two as ‘me-time’. Why not, right?

Let’s get into 7 easy things to do before 7am to get your day started on the right note!

Drink water

The lack of water we drink during our 8 hours (hopefully) of sleep needs to be replenished when we wake up. Therefore, the first of 7 things to do before 7am is to drink water.

More specifically, I like to have a glass of warm lemon water or, if i’m feeling up to it, a watered-down apple cider vinegar. Warm lemon or ACV water may give you energy to start the day. It sure does for me.

Raise legs up on the wall

The legs-up-on-the-wall pose is done in yoga and in life. You do exactly what it sounds like. There are many benefits with raising your legs against a wall. Particularly, it aids blood circulation. Since blood goes to and from the heart, it fights a constant battle against gravity which pushes all things down (hence why we are not floating around in the sky at this point).

By going almost upside down, now the blood from our feet can easily run down our legs to our heart. That sounds odd to write, but it’s so good for you! You could incorporate this after standing all day too, as it will help reduce swelling in your ankles (by reducing inflammation). Mind Body Green has a good explanation and precautions of it here.


While you raise your legs, you could meditate at the same time. I use the guided meditation app Calm. The meditations are generally around 10 minutes long, which is perfect to combine with raising your legs. It’s a simple way to get two activities done at the same time. Even when the app says get comfortable in a particular position (such as seated or lying down), do what feels right for you. The benefit of raising legs and meditating is that, if you’re like me, you’ll be raising your legs without having left the bed yet (my bed is against a wall).

Get dressed

Whether or not you do your hair and makeup, at the very least get dressed. Staying in your PJs all day may affect your productivity. Associate your PJs with bedtime and relaxation, and other clothes with a more productive outlook. Even if it’s activewear or your favourite sweater, dress somewhat like you would if you were going to work or uni.

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Grab a tea (or coffee)

It’s still early, so make yourself a tea (or coffee if you need!) to have something warm and energising to drink as we near the end of our 7 things to do before 7am. When I first sit down to write, work, or study, I’ll drink a tea and THEN a coffee, keeping me concentrated. It’s a cozy yet energising aspect to add to your morning. Sipping on a drink keeps me in one place and content with my tasks, particularly the next activity on this list!


Journalling is a great way to let out anything you are thinking or feeling onto paper. Whether or not you have something to write down, sometimes it just takes starting. Even if the first line is ‘I don’t know what to write about today’. I will literally write that down, which helps lead into writing down a stream of consciousness.

Whatever it is, write what you want and how many pages you want. Whether it’s the common three morning pages, or one page of nothingness, just do it! You might find you’ve got more thoughts inside of you waiting to be let out then you realised (such as the dream you had last night, the task that’s making you nervous today, or remembering your childhood friend and what she is up to these day – anything!).

Review your daily planner

Finally, as you’re about to jump into your most productive day EVER (i’m just being your hype girl), if you have a planner or a simple to do list, look at it! Better yet, if you didn’t fill it in the night before, now’s the time to think about what you want to do today and write it down. Take time to envision the tasks, or at least the timeline. Be realistic about how much time you may need to complete the tasks. And show yourself compassion no matter what the day ends up being like.

Have a great day!