With the increased amount of time spent at home and longing to go out and explore, the perfect solution is to make your own staycation. By utilising these 7 ways to have a staycation, you’ll feel like you’re travelling the world without ever leaving your home.

Whether you decide to focus on a particular destination or anywhere in the world, these ideas will fit into any type of staycation.

1. Learn a language

Learning a new language is a great way to become acquainted with a different country or city, as well as learn a new skill. Properly learning a language will take time. Although, for the sake of a staycation you can focus on basic phrases you would use if you actually visited that place. What starts as a fun activity could even turn into a longer term hobby.

You can start saying phrases around your home, such as ‘good night’ and ‘hello’. In the last 2 weeks I’ve started seriously learning German, since that’s my mother’s native language. Took me long enough to begin! I’ve been using DuoLingo online.

2. Watch travel documentaries

There’s no easier way to explore a different country or city than by watching a travel documentary. This is a great way to learn about a destination, see what the host (if there is one) gets up to, and immerse yourself with both tourist attractions and local experiences. You may not be able to travel right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start forming an itinerary for a future trip!

If you want an added element of comedy, try watching Jack Whitehall’s Travels with my Father. The first season was hilarious, but also contained a lot of drone footage with high quality visuals of the different areas they travelled to.

3. Watch movies filmed in different locations

While documentaries will focus on the place itself, movies will have you swept away in a plot that just so happens to feature beautiful scenery in the background. This way, you’ll be kept entertained and enchanted while simultaneously being brought along throughout a country or cityscape.

I recently re-watched Monte Carlo starring Selena Gomez. It’s a quintessential love and friendship story all while they are visiting France.

4. Cook international cuisines

A lot of us probably do this without even realising. Why not use this time to add extra or different flavours to your usual meals to change them up. Make your own healthy burrito bowl. Order Thai food supporting local restaurants. And when it’s time to eat, savour each bite, experience each ingredient, and enjoy.

5. Try an apartment friendly workout (like how you would workout in a hotel room)

Limited in terms of space and equipment? Well that’s no different to being in a hotel room. If you like to keep fit during a holiday, try an apartment/hotel-friendly workout. This involves no jumping or disruptive movements, thereby not disturbing your neighbours. There’s many exercises and exercise variations that can be done with minimal movement or space. So even though you’re not spending your days walking around a city, you can still keep fit. And if you live in an apartment or small space and already doing these style of workouts, then great work, keep it up!

Here’s the abs and core workout i’ve been doing every week. Follow along to my video here.

Exercise at Home

6. Utilise virtual experiences

Museums around the world can be accessed through their websites or google. If you’re a fan of rollercoasters, check out the point of view (POV) videos on Youtube. It’s your chance to feel like you’re at Disneyland!

I love rollercoasters, so i’ve been watching a bunch of POV rides on full screen at night. Seeing just the rollercoasters makes it so fun! Check out Insider’s Post for a list of experiences available.

7. Look up at the stars

The beauty about viewing the stars is it doesn’t matter where you are in the world. Even from home, in your backyard or looking out of a window, you can view the magical night sky. I often like to people-watch and night gaze when I travel. Just because the streets are empty doesn’t mean the night sky isn’t bustling. Take in this moment of serenity and calm, and appreciate what goes beyond all the countries and cities we can explore.