I’ve found myself with a lot of extra time lately, now that university classes are online. My university used to be an hour away by train. Now, class is a 2 metre walk to my desk from my bed. Although we can jump into work extra early from home, it’s also ok to move more slowly and be more present (or have those Netflix days!). I’ve been utilising the time by having a slow morning routine on days where I don’t feel the need to rush.

So, here is my morning routine i’ve been trying to do more and more lately. A slow morning routine doesn’t need to be a rigid set of practices, but it can give you useful ideas and activities to try and implement a few each day to relax and feel calm.

7:00am – Wake-up

I know it’s still early, but part of being self-motivated for online university is somewhat sticking to a weekly schedule. If I didn’t have a class today, I would keep my alarm for an extra hour and cozy up!

7:05am – Stretch

I do the most basic, easy and gentle stretch in bed to get my body moving and blood flowing. It’s really as simple as that. The cat-cow pose, downward dog and child’s pose are a few simple stretches you can do the moment you wake up.

If I want to spend some extra time on a workout, I’ll normally do abs as it let’s me stay on the floor/in bed but still feel the burn! I filmed an abs workout on my YouTube here if you want to follow along!

7:10am – Green tea

I never skip a green tea in the morning. I’ll also drink plain water to gain hydration. A green tea feels comforting, helps me wake up, and clears any sign of the rusty morning voice on those extra tired days.

7:15am – Light a candle and read

In an attempt to read more books this year, I’m dedicating time each day to reading. Reading in the morning has fallen naturally into my routine as I sip on my tea. And with a lit candle, it’s the beginning of what feels like a slow morning routine. I love reading personal development books and anything motivational, however I reserve the mornings for something light-hearted. Currently, i’m reading my mum’s old Agatha Christie novels. My current personal development book choice for later in the day is The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer.

7:45am – Meditate

I try to meditate everyday because when I don’t, I can notice the difference in my thoughts and concentration. I use the Calm app, and their guided meditations average around 10 minutes. Therefore, sparing just 10 minutes a day can make a huge difference. In times of uncertainty, meditation can help you find certainty in the very moment where you are sitting and meditating.

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8:00am – Health and beauty

This involves the usual aspects of brushing teeth, taking a shower, doing my hair and makeup, and changing out of my PJs (maybe, lol). Basically, i’m trying to be motivated at least a few times a week to put an effort into my stay-at-home look. This is easier done when I have my live university classes.

8:45am – Coffee

But first, coffee.

8:50am – Morning pages

Whether it’s one page or three pages, journalling gets any thoughts off my chest and out of my head. Whether it relates to things on my mind, a dream I had, random notes, or a gratitude page, I write what I feel like on the day. If I only write one page, this will take me about 10 minutes.

9:00am – Review my daily planner

I use the Day Designer planner and have been loving it so far. I normally fill it out the night before, so that in the morning I have a clear idea of what needs to be done that day. Writing my to-dos the night before also helps relax the mind before bed. I don’t need to try and remember anything or worry about incomplete tasks. Everything I have to do is outlined for the following day.

So before I get into blog writing or university work, I will review my schedule for the day to mentally prepare for the tasks ahead.

I do my best work and am the most motivated before Breakfast – so that comes later!